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Junior Achievement Bulgaria is the leading organization in the country with the longest tradition in offering contemporary educational programs in entrepreneurship, business and economics for young people aged 6 to 25 years. Founded in 1997 as a non-profit organisation in public benefit, it is a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide and its Regional Operating Center Junior Achievement Europe (JA Europe). Our mission is to educate and inspire young people to value free enterprise, business and economics in order to improve the quality of their lives.

Started with 10 pilot classes, today JA Bulgaria offers 24 educational programs. Young people benefit from project-based curricula and real-life exposure to the business community. Students develop entrepreneurial mindset and see entrepreneurship as a viable option. Based on interactive and hands-on experiences, our approach ensures the progression of entrepreneurship education from primary school to higher education. Volunteers and business mentors with diverse experience support the process and bring the real world to the classroom thus helping students develop practical skills for the world of work.

Our programs are delivered in about 1000 general and vocational schools, reaching annually more than 33,000 school and 500 university students in 450 towns and villages.

As a strategic partner of the Ministry of Education and Science in introducing entrepreneurship education in Bulgaria, JA Bulgaria has been implementing since 2010 a nationwide program for professional development for teachers at all stages of school education. Educators are trained how to use innovative methods to enhance abilities in problem-solving, teaming, organisation, communication and leadership and apply their knowledge to traditional subjects such as math, languages, history and social sciences. Since then, more than 3500 teachers have been trained and started working on JAB’s programs.


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SEN/JA Greece (

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SEN/JA Greece was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization offering educational programs on entrepreneurship, financial literacy and skills building to both private and public schools in Greece. SEN/JA Greece is a member of JA –YE Europe. Funded by businesses, foundations and individuals, SEN/JA brings the public and private sectors together to provide young people in mainly secondary education schools with high-quality educational programmes to teach them about enterprise, entrepreneurship, business and economics in a practical way.

SEN/JA Greece has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the educational programs are implemented in their vast majority during the regular school program “under the umbrella” of specific courses on an optional basis. Since its founding the organization has trained approximately 50.000 Greek students from 11 – 18 years from schools all over Greece and has earned a very good reputation for the added value it brings to the Greek educational system and in the changing in attitude formation towards entrepreneurship in general.

The programs of SEN/JA Greece are implemented by volunteers from the business world who bring to the students their experience and act as role models in collaboration with teachers.

SEN/JA Greece programs focus on skills (core competences) as well as developing innovation/creativity, analytical ability and balanced judgment, vigor of mind and of imagination and a general understanding of the social and economic forces of our time. They also encourage students to broaden their perspectives and to develop the entrepreneurial skills and behaviour required for their studies. We finally pursue the traditional objective of a liberal education – to affect for good, to strengthen and develop, the student’s entire character. The young entrepreneur would not only provide himself with a livelihood but would create employment for others, holding the key to rapid technological development and full employment.


JA Latvia (

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JA-YE Latvia is a non-profit organization with 23 years long experience in practical business education in Latvia. In 2008, European Commission mentioned JA-YE Latvia as the only long-term initiative in practical business education in Latvia for young people.

JA-YE Latvia has regular collaboration with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Employers Confederation of Latvia, the Bank of Latvia as well as such business companies as Swedbank, Tallink Latvia, Hansaworld, Riga Plaza, etc.

The mission of JA-YE Latvia is to promote the development of Latvian economy by participating in the youth education, fostering entrepreneurship skills and developing a new entrepreneur generation.

The aim of JA-YE Latvia is to improve youth’s knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship with practical methods on all levels of education to create the future international leaders and industry experts that will enhance Latvia’s competitiveness. To complete these aims, JA-YE Latvia promotes business education and provides the methodology and learning platform for students and their teachers organizing seminars, trainings, national and international trade fairs and competitions in financial literacy and entrepreneurship for different age groups. Student Company program with two national trade fairs per year and International Student Company Festival for students and teachers’ professional education courses and International Teachers’ Conference are the most important events of JA-YE Latvia. There are also financial literacy development programs for primary school pupils and career education program “Job Shadow Day”. The Job Shadow day provides 5000 – 6000 one-day shadowing vacancies for secondary school students yearly.


JA Romania (

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Junior Achievement (JA) Romania, member of Junior Achievement Worldwide and Junior Achievement Europe, is the largest and the most dynamic organization of entrepreneurial and financial education, and professional guidance from Romania. Since 1993, JA Romania implements free international programs, for students of all levels, from primary school to university.

The mission of JA Romania is to prepare and inspire the young generation to succeed in a market economy.

JA Romania educational programs aim to offer knowledge and concrete information about the workings of market economy mechanisms, develop entrepreneurial skills and attitudes, and encourage competitive spirit, quality and responsibility for students across Romania.

The organization focuses especially on:

  • Introducing JA programs as part of the formal curriculum, to ensure that all students are introduced to topics such as entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness in an educational market that tends to target only elite students
  • Providing free access to materials and learning experiences
  • Driving the Romanian educational system forward by training and developing teachers as modern and motivated educators.

More than half of the students impacted by JA Romania activity annually (280 000 for 2015) are involved in entrepreneurship education programs and projects which practice their creativity, collaboration, and communication skills, while developing their passion for building solutions for real problems, with the potential of turning them into businesses.

The flagship JA Romania programs for the specified age group provide a full learning experience and meetings with entrepreneurs in the classroom. These programs are implemented annually by teachers who benefit from training, materials, curriculum, online support platform, Ministry of Education recognition of their activity, and access to an international network of experts and opportunities.

All JA Romania programs are implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education.


Ungt Entreprenorskap Sogn og Fjordane (



Ungt Entreprenorskap Sogn og Fjordane is the regional organization of JA-YE Norway for the county of Sogn og Fjordane. It promotes and adapts the national entrepreneurship education programs to the specifics of the region – rural population characterized by low density. The most common local businesses in the region are fish farms, power plants (water-driven), oil industry, aluminum, textiles, furniture.

The most common Junior Achievement programs implemented by JA-YE Sogn og Fjordane are:

Student Company

Student company is one of the core programs in Norway. We train the students to handle their own business by teaching them economy, marketing, human relations, how to be a leader and how to handle taxes and fees. We also offer several exhibitions were the student companies can participate. The leader of the student company can also participate in a business leader seminar hosted by us.

The Local Student Company Exhibition

Every year we invite all the student companies in Sogn og Fjordane county to the local student company exhibition. The exhibition lasts for one day. During the exhibition the students present their businesses to a jury, local companies, other participants and teachers. Some of the students do presentations from a stage and all companies have their own stand. 2-3 of the best student companies in our county advance to the national competition.

Career advising program “From education to work”

This program has been a great success in Sogn og Fjordane. All 14 high schools in our county are participating. Local businesses all over the county are running the program for us. In this way we can transfer the knowledge about job application and career possibilities from companies to the students. During the program the students get to know their strengths and their own resources.

Innovation Camps

The content of these camps varies from “how to start a business” camp, to camps where the students are solving problems for local companies/public administration, to “Green innovation camp”, and career advising camps.