IO7 Reports from piloting

The GREENT toolkit – blended learning methodology, green entrepreneurship syllabus and teacher manual with 36 lessons – was created with the active participation and collaboration of more than 20 teachers and experts from the 5 project countries. The next step in the project development was to pilot some of the content and materials in classrooms. In each country, the teachers […]

IO6 Testing reports

Two testing reports are envisaged in the GREENT project. The first report is based on the feedback we received from teachers on the 6 sample lessons developed by the project partners. The second report is based on the feedback received after the full set of lessons was developed by the teachers. The feedback was received during two focus group sessions […]

IO5 Full set of green entrepreneurship lessons

A major achievement of the project is the creation of a comprehensive teacher manual with 36 detailed lesson plans in green entrepreneurship. They are based on the blended learning methodology and green entrepreneurship syllabus developed earlier in the project. This teacher manual can be used by any teacher willing to introduce their students to topics such as natural resources, climate […]

IO4 Sample lessons in green entrepreneurship

The GREENT project plan envisaged the preparation of 5 sample lessons by each project partner to serve as a template for the teams of teachers who would then develop the full set of lessons. In total 6 sample lessons were created in 2016 based on a predefined template that all the partners agreed on. These sample lessons are now part […]

IO3 Blended learning methodology in green entrepreneurship

The GREENT blended learning methodology provides a review of existing blended learning models in order to identify an approach that could best serve the objectives of GREENT. Based on this review, the methodology proposes the self-blend model as the one that could serve the objectives of GREENT project in the most appropriate way. Popular in high schools, the self-blend model […]

IO2 Green entrepreneurship syllabus

The GREENT syllabus is a flexible tool that allows teachers to experiment and integrate parts of it in different subjects (like biology, chemistry, geography, physics, philosophy, foreign languages, etc.) or deliver a full-fledged course (as an extracurricular activity, for instance) that would provide students with a very profound understanding of the values and principles of green entrepreneurship and its practical […]

IO1 Desk research report

The desk research report is part of the activities within the GREENT project. It is focused on investigating the three key areas for the project: green entrepreneurship education, blended learning models and practices, and online platforms for learning. The desk report will be used to develop the GREENT syllabus, blended learning methodology and sample lessons.   GREENT Desk research report […]