GREENT goes global!

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that GREENT was one of the winners in the JA Worldwide JA Labs contest which aims to encourage and scale innovation within the Junior Achievement network! JA Bulgaria teamed up with JA Tanzania and JA Colombia to deliver a compelling proposal to extend the GREENT innovation to two more continents. We are very happy that the jury panel recognized our passion, as well as our capacity to deliver results!

A hot 2019 summer is ahead of us now! We will start with a thorough review and revision of the existing GREENT content (which is already 2 years old), fixing broken links, rethinking some of the lessons and concepts, and adding case studies that will make the content more pertinent to Tanzania and Colombia. Then we will have the pleasure of delivering two training workshops for teachers in Tanzania in July 2019. Each of them will be 5 days long and will feature the participation of 30 teachers. The first workshop will be held in Dar es salaam, and the second – in Iringa. Our main goal will be to inspire the teachers to see the potential of green entrepreneurship for addressing the world’s pressing challenges. We will use interactive techniques that will put participants in real-life situations and will prepare them to deliver a different kind of education to their students in high school. The ultimate goal of GREENT is to contribute to the formation of a new holistic consciousness which combines the entrepreneurial drive and mindset with the care for the environment which stems from a deep understanding of its intrinsic value as well as its value for economies and societies.

Also in the summer, a translation of the whole GREENT content into Spanish is planned. This will open up immense opportunities to scale the innovation to a large number of Spanish-speaking countries from the JA network and beyond. In the autumn of 2019, a remote online training will be delivered for 60 teachers and volunteers from Colombia, using cutting edge video conferencing tools.

During the 2019-2020 school year, we will keep track of teachers’ progress in working with their students, by assigning a JA Tanzania and JA Colombia team member as communicator and coordinator who will answer their questions and provide methodological support through the year. We will be happy to see positive impact in the form of inspiration, new knowledge and new sustainable entrepreneurial ideas of the students who will take part in the course after the teacher training workshops!

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