IO7 Reports from piloting

The GREENT toolkit – blended learning methodology, green entrepreneurship syllabus and teacher manual with 36 lessons – was created with the active participation and collaboration of more than 20 teachers and experts from the 5 project countries. The next step in the project development was to pilot some of the content and materials in classrooms. In each country, the teachers who had participated in creating the toolkit were invited to choose between 2 and 5 lessons and deliver them to their students. Other interested teachers who had not participated in creating the lessons were also allowed to experiment with the new resources. Classroom piloting took place between March and June 2017.

Each teacher was asked to distribute an online pre-test to the class at the beginning of the first lesson delivery. The test contains several questions which aim to discover students’ attitudes and existing knowledge related to green entrepreneurship, environmental protection and their personal responsibility. It contains closed-end and open-end questions.

After each lesson, teachers were asked to complete a lesson activity report form where they recorded their impressions from the lesson. They were able to share their opinion on which of the suggested activities went well and which ones need to be improved. They also had the opportunity to assess the extent to which the lesson developed certain student skills and attitudes.

During the last lesson that the teachers had chosen to pilot, we asked them to distribute a post-test to the students so that we could check whether there had been any progress in students’ knowledge and attitudes after taking several GREENT lessons. All classes had country codes which enabled us to gather country-specific data and measure progress not only overall, but also country by country.

Finally, after each teacher had completed delivering the pilot lessons they had chosen, we asked them to fill in a very short questionnaire where they were able to share their overall impressions of how the piloting went. They were also able to self-assess the development of their own knowledge and abilities in terms of green entrepreneurship and blended learning before and after the pilot.

The results are based on the participation of more than 650 students in the pre-test. Having in mind that the project target was a total of 500 students taking the pilot in all 5 countries, this result is extremely satisfying. We are confident to say that GREENT is an innovative and desirable addition to the educational systems of European countries, it is well received both by teachers and students and when applied in full scope (all 36 lessons) can have considerable and visible impact on the knowledge, skills and mindset of the young people.


GREENT Consolidated report from testing
GREENT Report Bulgaria
GREENT Report Greece
GREENT Report Latvia
GREENT Report Norway
GREENT Report Romania

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