GREENT project final conference “I teach green!” on September 28-29, 2017

Place: Sofia, JA Startup Hambar at Sofia Tech Park

Participants: teachers and students from Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Norway and Romania, representatives of state institutions, non-profit organizations and business


Goal of the conference:

The conference marks the completion of the highly successful GREENT project of JA Bulgaria, SEN/JA Greece, JA Latvia, Ungt Entreprenorskap Sogn og Fjordane (Norway) and JA Romania. Its main goal is to present the philosophy, results, outcomes and achievements of the project to various stakeholders. It will look to justify the benefits from a wider introduction of green entrepreneurship education in high schools across Europe which can serve to direct future policy interventions.



Education plays a crucial role in fostering the eco-entrepreneurial consciousness of future green innovators, entrepreneurs, and employees. The need for new green skills and attitudes is growing with a growing consumer interest in clean, ethically-sourced products, while at the same time appropriate educational content for the development of such skills in secondary schools is lacking. GREENT was created to fill that gap.

GREENT is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is the recipient of the 2017 Collaboration Award of JA Worldwide.

GREENT is an innovative, collaboratively created set of tools that inspire and support teachers who are willing to deliver the topic of green entrepreneurship to their students in an interactive and practical way. The GREENT toolkit contains an innovative training course for teachers with 36 lesson plans for teachers, a green entrepreneurship syllabus, and a blended learning methodology.


The conference is for you if:
  • You are excited by the transformation of individual businesses and whole economies brought about by the sustainability imperative.

  • You are interested in innovative business models that put a profound and genuine respect for the intrinsic value of nature at the core of the business’ reason to exist.

  • You want to be engaged in a discussion how a holistic environmentally-conscious entrepreneurial mindset can be fostered with the instruments available to educational systems.

  • You are looking for innovative and practical resources on teaching green entrepreneurship that you can start using right away.



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