Junior Achievement’s pilot green entrepreneurship project won a prestigious award

The GREENT project won the JA Worldwide Collaboration Award for the co-creation of an innovative educational course

The GREENT project which is being realized collaboratively by JA Bulgaria, SEN/JA Greece, JA Romania, JA Latvia and JA Sogn og Fjordane (Norway) was bestowed the prestigious “Collaboration Award” during the Global Leadership Conference of JA Worldwide which was held in Atlanta, USA, in July 2017. During the event, JA Bulgaria’s CEO Milena Stoycheva was also nominated for another prestigious award named after Soraya Salti – the woman who helped establish Junior Achievement in the Middle East region. The award distinguishes dedicated visionaries who transcend boundaries and uncover new horizons for the whole organization bringing about systemic change for their country or region.

“We are excited to continue forward and make our green entrepreneurship program global, inspiring young people to create businesses that are sustainable at their core and show profound respect for the true intrinsic value of nature. This project is successful thanks to the tireless work of the JA Bulgaria, JA Greece, JA Latvia, JA Norway and JA Romania teams”, shared Vera Petkantchin, COO of JA Bulgaria and GREENT project main coordinator.

The GREENT project was initiated by Junior Achievement Bulgaria in 2015 and is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The mission of the GREENT project is to create innovative educational tools that will support teachers in fostering the “sustainability-conscious entrepreneurial mindset”[1] of their high school students. Some of the fully completed parts of the project toolkit are: blended learning methodology for green entrepreneurship, green entrepreneurship syllabus, and a teacher’s manual with 36 lesson plans containing ideas for activities that the teachers can use in or out of the classroom.

The course also gives young people in high school the opportunity to develop their own sustainable business ideas in 7 easy steps that take them through the process of entrepreneurial discovery and business modeling for a sustainable business.

With the start of the new 2017/2018 school year all interested teachers in Bulgaria will be able to use the available resources for free. Junior Achievement Bulgaria will offer training for those teachers who want to develop their green entrepreneurship teaching skills. The courses are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and will bring training credits to the teachers who attend them.

The GREENT project will finish with a closing international conference at the end of September 2017 in Sofia. The partnering organizations view this conference only as a further step in their strategy to enlarge green entrepreneurship teaching and they already have a clear plan how to make it accessible for more students in Europe and the world.

[1] That mindset includes all the features of the entrepreneurial mindset (tolerance to risk and uncertainty, ability to accept failure and learn from it, self-directed learning, bias toward action, intentional curiosity and creative confidence), but viewed through the prism of a sustainability mindset characterized by holistic thinking, an environmental and social ethic that respects the value of all living things, responsible consumption, cooperation and teamwork, full-cost accounting, democracy, adherence to the precautionary principle.

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