Latvian students think green and generate innovative sustainable business ideas in GREENT innovation camp

On June 8, 40 pupils from various schools of Latvia met in Turiba University in Riga to participate in the GREENT Innovation camp #IThinkGreen. The camp organized as one of the summit events of the project for Latvian participants gathered the most eager and zealous pupils who had participated in the piloting sessions held in their classes and run by their teachers. Also few additional pupils with no background from the piloting sessions took part in order to display the perspective of Latvian youngsters who haven’t been involved in special green entrepreneurship training regarding environmental issues.

The agenda of the event consisted of several topics related to green entrepreneurship and recycling and was compiled by Riga’s School of Business and Finance professor and expert on green entrepreneurship – Dzintra Atstāja. The pupils had the opportunity to listen to experts representing the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia, Latvenergo Group, NGO Corporate Social Responsibility in Latvia, NGO Green Freedom. The sessions highlighted topics such as youth awareness about waste management in Latvia and abroad, eco-friendly vehicles, sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship. Summarizing all the knowledge gained before, pupils generated their ideas applying them to a possible development in their JA student companies. Ideas like innovative flowerpots, reusable plastic cups for coffee-shops and gas stations, clothing and accessories from recycled plastic and other ideas regarding waste management and recycled waste in were presented to the experts mentioned above.

Concluding the day, the pupils received GREENT certificates for participation in the #IThinkGreen camp as well as all received GREENT branded sunglasses to reminisce always the experience obtained within the camp.

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