The second innovation camp in Norway was focused on finding solutions to the plastics problem

The second in a row of four GREENT camps in Norway finished with good results. 84 students from Firda High school in the town of Sandane in Sogn og Fjordane County took part in this camp. The assignments concerned marine pollution and, in particular, pollution from plastic.

The initiator was Janne Bareksten from Nordfjord Miljøverk, which is a waste company that collects and sorts out all kinds of garbage. She took a master a few years ago on ocean pollution and has since that been working with this issue. She is now working as an adviser in this company.

During her presentation, it became very quiet in the auditorium. A serious issue, but very contemporary and engaging for the young people.

The students could choose from three tasks:

Alternative 1. Marine litter occurring at sea – an attitude campaign to reduce waste in the sea.

Alternative 2. Design with an end-of-life perspective – Design a plastic product in a new way, so that when the product’s lifetime is over, we can recycle this in an environmentally friendly manner.

Alternative 3. Management of plastic waste in areas without renovation systems. Come up with a new and innovative way to collect plastic waste.

Creative solutions came up on all the tasks. Each class chose its contribution which would represent the class in a super final at the end of the day. No winner was chosen, but in the democratic spirit all super finalists were honored for their good efforts.

But the jury found that one of the groups made a special effort and has an interesting idea. They were concerned about all the fishing nets that float on the bottom of the ocean and make killing traps for both fish and mammals. So they created a fishing net that would after some time go into dissolution by itself. According to the group, it is possible to make, and according to the jury it is a good idea.

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