Green entrepreneurship innovation camp in Romania challenges students to think about waste and recycling

JA Romania organized a national GREENT innovation camp on May 12, 2017, in Bucharest. 108 students from 11 schools in Bucharest took part in the camp.

The mixed teams consisting of students from different schools had to identify an effective communication solution for consumer awareness and education on household waste management and packaging. The identified solution had to be cost-effective and to target all citizens. Each team needed to develop a comprehensive and detailed plan that the central/local authorities can implement to meet their goal.

The three winning teams suggested multi-faceted solutions that address the challenge among which:

  • Organizing various awareness campaigns (in schools – optional: education for protecting the environment, on the Internet – website with links to various actions and environmental organizations, on TV and radio) and workshops with support from various NGOs (i.e. recycling old toys etc.).
  • A system for educating and stimulating society through the IDENTITY CARD FOR HUMANITY. The points will be accumulated on the card according to the amount of waste recycled by each person and will be converted to motivational awards.
  • An IT platform to count and reward the recycling activity of a person. The solution turns recycling from an unattractive and tiring activity into a pleasant and satisfying one.

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