IO5 Full set of green entrepreneurship lessons

A major achievement of the project is the creation of a comprehensive teacher manual with 36 detailed lesson plans in green entrepreneurship. They are based on the blended learning methodology and green entrepreneurship syllabus developed earlier in the project. This teacher manual can be used by any teacher willing to introduce their students to topics such as natural resources, climate change, global environmental challenges, Earth’s self-regulating mechanism, green innovations, green entrepreneurship, etc. The lessons offer an easy-to-follow structure with a lot of references to existing innovative online resources on these topics, suggestions for interactive classroom activities, case studies of green entrepreneurs, reflection questions, etc. The last section of 7 lessons can be used as a standalone entrepreneurial project that can be assigned to students. Ideally, the lessons would be taught in 36 regular school hours that can be distributed either 1 school hour per week for the entire school year or 2 school hours per week for the duration of one school semester.  Teachers can also choose individual lessons or groups of lessons to deliver based on their interest and preference – the lesson plans allow this kind of approach too because they are quite flexible.


If you would like to explore opportunities how to implement the GREENT content and use the teacher manual in your school, please contact the JA Bulgaria team: vera (dot) petkantchin (at) jabulgaria (dot) org.


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