The first GREENT innovation camp in Greece was focused on agricultural sustainability

How does soil erosion affect the performance of agricultural business? And how can modern farming methods of precision and the measurement of soil water vulnerability help to save resources and increase production while showing respect for the environment? These were the main questions to which 40 students from the American Farm School in Thessaloniki were asked to seek solutions in the innovation camp organized on April 6, 2017, by SEN / JA Greece as part of the European project GREENT. The students, divided into 3 groups, following introductory presentations of their teachers, collected empirical data, analyzed it, synthesized it and drew conclusions in the end, highlighting how all these parameters can contribute to sustainable development and open up new prospects for green entrepreneurship.

The innovation camps are part of the multiplier events of the GREENT project aiming to raise awareness about the project and its positive impacts. They will involve a total of at least 200 students in the 5 partner countries, with Greece being the first country to organize a camp. The innovation camp is a JA format that develops students’ creativity, teamwork and presentation skills, putting them under tight deadlines and challenging them to come up with the most innovative idea to a given business challenge.

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