Second stage of testing was completed within the GREENT project

We are happy to announce that after the creation of the full set of 36 GREENT lessons, the second round of testing and feedback collection was completed by the partners in the GREENT project. The results have been summarized in a special report that sheds light on the focus groups with teachers that were held in each of the 5 countries. A total of 58 teachers and experts took part in the focus groups. Each country received a set of 7 – 8 lessons to analyze. Before the focus group sessions took place, some participants/teachers provided written feedback on at least one of the GREENT lessons. Based on the feedback received, all the lessons were reviewed and edited once more before arriving at the finalized versions. The complete set of lessons is expected to be published on this website at the end of April 2017.

The participants in the second round of focus groups had to give their feedback answering the same set of lessons as in the first round:

  1. Is the content appropriate/interesting for the age of the students?
  2. What do you think about the lesson structure?
  3. Is the length of the lesson appropriate?
  4. Is the time indicated for the completion of each activity appropriate/enough?
  5. Are the language and the terminology of the lesson easy to understand?
  6. Does the theoretical section present relevant information on the topic?
  7. Are the examples presented in the case studies and entrepreneur profiles relevant?
  8. Do the practical activities reinforce the theory in an appropriate way?
  9. Is it a problem for you or for your students that some of the videos in the lesson are only
    in English and don’t have subtitles in the national language?
  10. Was there anything in the lesson that was not clear? If yes, please specify what that was.
  11. Where in the school subjects/curriculum do you think you can fit this material?
  12. How would you approach teaching this material in the classroom?
  13. What recommendations do you have to improve the lesson content?
  14. Any other feedback you may give us?


The overall conclusions are that:

  • the content of the lesson plans is very interesting and relevant;
  • the lesson plans themselves are very detailed thus giving the opportunity to less experienced teachers to prepare thoroughly for the lesson and feel confident;
  • for some lessons there should be more time for the whole content to be delivered, or, some parts of the content will be selected in order to be taught in 45 minutes;
  • for some lessons, the terminology and the language used are too complicated for the age group and level of understanding of the students;
  • the theoretical part is interesting and the information is related to the topic of the lesson;
  • the practical activities reinforce the theoretical notions and in many cases national examples of entrepreneurs from the 5 countries are provided;
  • there was positive feedback regarding the distinction between “core” and “optional” activities, so that the teacher can adjust the lesson to the age and needs of their students;
  • the teachers stated that in most cases the students won’t have problems in understanding the English content.

Access the complete focus group report HERE

The next stage of the GREENT project is the pilot delivery of some of the GREENT lessons in the classrooms in Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Norway and Romania by the teachers who created the lessons and by any other teacher who is interested in experimenting with this new blended learning content.

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