GREENT project presentation in Greece

GREENT was presented by the team of SEN/ JA Greece in a seminar entitled “Growing…values in the school garden” at the Environmental Education Center in the city of Lavrion, Greece, on December 16, 2016. It was organized by the Directorate of Primary School (Regions C and D of Attica), the Directorates of Secondary Education (Regions B and C) and the Head of Environmental Education of Lavrion. It was specifically targeted to teachers who participate in school networks that promote the development of school gardens or other teachers who wish to be educated in growing organic products in schools. It was attended by 40 teachers who were invited by the Directorates who organized the event. The main focus was on sustainable development in school gardens and on school activities that involve the growing and exploitation of school-based natural products. The presentation by SEN/ JA Greece was entitled “Co-creating and implementing an educational program for green entrepreneurship: the GREENT project”. It included the overall goals and structure of the project, followed by the blended learning approach of GREENT, the curriculum structure and the themes of the lesson plans, and some examples of school activities that have been so far designed by the teachers participating in the project and the JA teams.


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