Presentation of the GREENT project in Prague

The project coordinator, Vera Petkantchin from JA Bulgaria, was invited to present GREENT during the annual staff conference of JA Europe which was held in Prague on November 28-30, 2016.

Vera made a short presentation of the philosophy behind the project, as well as an overview of the project activities and expected outcomes. She also made an interactive game from one of the sample lessons to illustrate the types of activities teachers using the GREENT course would be able to benefit from – she presented the Brodrene passenger ferries case study from Norway and made a competition for the audience in the room based on the study. The room was full and the feedback was very positive. After the presentation, the JA Worldwide CEO Asheesh Advani commented that the project was fascinating and that he strongly believed this can be funded on global level so that it becomes one of the JA programs to be offered on all continents.

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