First stage of testing was completed within the GREENT project

An important part of the GREENT project is the creation of several sample lessons. They were created in the summer of 2016 by the project coordinators from each of the 5 countries, after agreeing on a common template containing a framework structure for each lesson. The idea of these sample lessons is to serve as guidance and example for the […]

GREENT project presentation in Greece

GREENT was presented by the team of SEN/ JA Greece in a seminar entitled “Growing…values in the school garden” at the Environmental Education Center in the city of Lavrion, Greece, on December 16, 2016. It was organized by the Directorate of Primary School (Regions C and D of Attica), the Directorates of Secondary Education (Regions B and C) and the […]

Presentation of the GREENT project in Prague

The project coordinator, Vera Petkantchin from JA Bulgaria, was invited to present GREENT during the annual staff conference of JA Europe which was held in Prague on November 28-30, 2016. Vera made a short presentation of the philosophy behind the project, as well as an overview of the project activities and expected outcomes. She also made an interactive game from […]