GREENT project second transnational meeting in Bucharest

The second transnational meeting of the GREENT project was held on September 1-2, 2016 in Romania’s capital Bucharest. Each project country participated with two staff members. The meeting was hosted by JA Romania at their convenient and cozy office building.

After a short review of what we have achieved so far in the project and the deliverables we have created, we devoted quite some time on each country introducing the sample lesson it had developed during the summer and discussing the activities and their applicability. The topics of the sample lessons are:

  1. Bulgaria – Part II. Chapter 1. Introductory lesson on “Think globally, act locally”
  2. Greece – Part I. Chapter 1. Natural systems – waste
  3. Latvia – Part I. Chapter 2. Sustainability – several lesson plans on all subtopics
  4. Norway – Part I. Chapter 1. Natural systems – what is a system + Part I. Chapter 2. Sustainability – history
  5. Romania – Part I. Chapter 3. Green entrepreneurship – what is entrepreneurship?

We discussed that we need to be careful and ensure that the sample lessons are not too bulky and are feasible in one school hour. In terms of the full set of lessons, we agreed that one lesson should correspond to one school hour and that we should strive to make the content flexible enough so that teachers could teach it both in 18 school hours (one semester) or in 36 school hours (one full year). The basic will be 18 school hours. For the 36-school hour version we will add extra activities, pre- and post- test, project work and lessons for summary and revision.

We spent a great deal of time on reporting on the status of teachers recruitment which is very important because each country’s team of 5 teachers is going to be responsible for creating several lesson plans for the full set of GREENT lessons. We also spent time planning the focus groups with these teachers in October-November which would give us valuable information on the quality of the sample lessons we had created. We clarified the set of questions each national coordinator was supposed to use when holding the focus group.

True to the spirit and principles of green entrepreneurship and sustainability, the hosts from JA Romania had deliberately chosen the Christina hotel in downtown Bucharest which has an explicit and earnest “pro-planet” policy. Much of the energy needed for the functioning of the hotel is harvested from the sun using solar panels. Instead of using wood which may have been logged unsustainably, the doors of the rooms and some of the furniture inside the rooms are made of a special durable and non-toxic material. And not only that – the hotel restaurant functions on the “pay as you wish” principle which is a signal of a new type of sharing economy where money is not the prime driver, but rather the quality of the experience. And a couple of more surprises summarized in our Facebook post:

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