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Download the full GREENT syllabus in English

Download the full GREENT syllabus in Bulgarian

Download the full GREENT syllabus in Greek

Download the full GREENT syllabus in Latvian

Download the full GREENT syllabus in Norwegian

Download the full GREENT syllabus in Romanian


The 5 partner organizations in the GREENT project have just released the second important document laying the framework for high school teachers across Europe who wish to introduce their students to the topic of sustainable entrepreneurship in a setting that combines face-to-face teaching with the usage of online technologies. The GREENT syllabus is now available to every teacher in English.

The GREENT project works for and aims at producing innovative expert- and teacher-generated educational content on sustainable entrepreneurship that can be taught in high schools across Europe. We are driven by a collaborative and sharing paradigm and are facilitating a process through which teams of teachers from each of the five project countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Norway and Romania – can work together and be the ones actually creating the educational content rather than only passively transmitting it to their students in the classroom.

The GREENT philosophy presupposes a blended learning approach for the delivery of green entrepreneurship content in high schools. Thus, this syllabus is closely linked to the GREENT blended learning methodology we have developed – the two documents need to be viewed and used in conjunction by teachers who wish to teach green entrepreneurship either as a stand-alone subject or as topics that can be integrated in various subjects at the high school level. The GREENT desk research report has indicated that currently none of the five countries’ educational systems has attributed a specific place for green entrepreneurship topics in the high school subjects’ curricula. The GREENT syllabus is a flexible tool that allows teachers to experiment and integrate parts of it in different subjects (like biology, chemistry, geography, physics, philosophy, foreign languages, etc.) or deliver a full-fledged course (as an extracurricular activity, for instance) that would provide students with a very profound understanding of the values and principles of green entrepreneurship and its practical application.

overarching principle of syllabus

The GREENT syllabus will be useful for any high school teacher who is interested in issues related to sustainable development, entrepreneurship, impact of people on the environment and society, innovation. It is for teachers who are willing to experiment and be innovative in and out of the classroom in order to provide a different and more rewarding learning experience for their students.

The GREENT syllabus is divided into two major parts. Part I is intended to give the knowledge about natural systems, sustainability and green entrepreneurship by providing theoretical fundamentals, case studies, examples and opportunities for practical work and experiences suitable for a blended learning environment. Part II is mandatory for every student participating in the GREENT course. Otherwise the project would not be entrepreneurial. It is intended to encourage students to jump into an entrepreneurial journey and experience green entrepreneurship first hand through practical activities. The making of partnership in the experiential part is essential. It can be a partnership with a local business that can provide knowledge about the green part or the entrepreneurial part. It can also be a local organization that works with environmental issues, energy, and sustainability in any way or handling of waste for example. The partner could also be a single person in an organization or just a person dedicated to one of the subjects.

There are 4 major topics altogether. The full GREENT content will be developed in such a way that will provide maximum freedom for the teacher to teach it either in short and concise form or in a more extended fashion, covering more school hours.

Aside from English, the syllabus is being translated and will be available in Bulgarian, Latvian, Greek, Norwegian and Romanian on the project website.

After releasing the methodology and syllabus, the GREENT partners have now focused on developing the full set of GREENT lessons and testing them with focus groups of teachers in Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Norway. The pilot launch of the whole course in around 25 schools is scheduled for the beginning of 2017.


Download the full GREENT syllabus in English

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