The GREENT project will develop a methodology for teaching green entrepreneurship

Five Junior Achievement member nations work on a 2-year international project


Junior Achievement Bulgaria is launching a large-scale international project called “GREENT” (green + entrepreneurship, with full title „Blended learning design methodology for education in green entrepreneurship at secondary schools“) focused on green entrepreneurship education. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. JA Bulgaria is the leading organization, and the teams of Junior Achievement in Romania, Greece, Latvia and Norway are partners.

The GREENT project’s duration is 2 years (November 2015-October 2017). The major activities in the project will include:

A baseline desk research – led by JA Latvia, which will include a summary of the existing programs and teaching practices, as well as online platforms for green entrepreneurship education in the project partner countries. The report from this first phase will be used to develop a GREENT curriculum and a blended learning methodology for teachers which will combine traditional classroom instruction with new technologies.

Development of curriculum, methodology and sample lessons in green entrepreneurship – led by JA Bulgaria, JA Norway and JA Greece. The main activities in this second phase are the development of a syllabus in green entrepreneurship, a methodology for blended teaching, and a set of sample lessons that the teachers will use to further develop all topics from the syllabus.

Teacher collaboration for the development of green entrepreneurship lessons and testing in the classroom led by JA Romania. This phase will focus on structuring and enhancing the collaboration among teachers from the five countries. Five teams of five teachers each will work together to create contemporary educational content in green entrepreneurship in which face-to-face classroom instruction methods will blend with online education instruments.“This project is in line with our long-term strategy. Building upon our experience from the project “Green entrepreneurship for sustainable development” (funded by the NGO Programme of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014), which we ran in 2014-2015, we will go a step further by providing teachers all over Europe with a high-quality educational content and a toolbox that will enable them to teach this subject matter in their schools. The clearest sign that the timing of our project is right is the fact that in Norway a separate subject on climate change issues will be introduced soon. The teachers are very enthusiastic to take part in the project because they realize that the potential of nature-friendly green business to contribute to solving today’s environmental challenges is immense”, Vera Petkantchin, JA Bulgaria Operations Director and the project’s main coordinator, commented.

Several events are planned as part of the project. Each country will organize an innovation camp in green entrepreneurship “I think green”, and the whole project will end with an international conference “I teach green”, in which teachers from Bulgaria, Norway, Latvia, Romania and Greece will participate.

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