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GREENT: Empowering Teachers to Deliver Green Entrepreneurship and Solar Energy Topics

The importance of promoting sustainable development practices has never been greater. With the threat of climate change looming, there is a pressing need for individuals and businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices. One way to achieve this is through green entrepreneurship and the use of solar energy. However, not everyone is well-versed in these concepts, and this is where GREENT comes in. GREENT is an innovative set of tools designed to inspire and support teachers who are willing to deliver the topics of green entrepreneurship and solar energy. In this article, we’ll explore what GREENT is, its features, and how it benefits both teachers and students.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is GREENT?
  3. The features of GREENT
    • Lesson plans and teaching resources
    • Interactive simulations and games
    • Online community and support
    • Professional development opportunities
  4. Benefits of using GREENT
    • Enhances student learning
    • Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving
    • Provides real-world application
    • Fosters collaboration and teamwork
    • Increases awareness of sustainable development practices

1. Introduction

The need for sustainable development practices is growing, and it’s more important than ever to educate the next generation about eco-friendly practices. However, teachers may not have the necessary resources or knowledge to deliver these topics effectively. GREENT aims to bridge this gap by providing teachers with the tools they need to inspire and support students in learning about green entrepreneurship and solar energy.

2. What is GREENT?

GREENT stands for Green Entrepreneurship and Solar Energy Teaching, and it’s a collaborative effort between European universities and organizations. The project’s main goal is to create an innovative and interactive platform that provides teachers with the necessary resources to deliver green entrepreneurship and solar energy topics in the classroom.

3. The features of GREENT

GREENT offers a range of features that make it an effective tool for delivering green entrepreneurship and solar energy topics in the classroom. Some of these features include:

– Lesson plans and teaching resources

GREENT provides teachers with comprehensive lesson plans and teaching resources that cover a range of topics related to green entrepreneurship and renting solar panels. These resources are designed to be engaging and interactive, allowing students to learn about sustainability practices in a fun and informative way.

– Interactive simulations and games

GREENT also includes interactive simulations and games that allow students to apply their knowledge of green entrepreneurship and solar energy in real-world scenarios. These simulations and games are designed to be both fun and educational, encouraging students to think critically and creatively.

– Online community and support

GREENT provides teachers with access to an online community of educators who are passionate about sustainable development practices. This community allows teachers to share best practices, collaborate on projects, and seek advice and support from other educators.

– Professional development opportunities

GREENT also offers professional development opportunities for teachers, including training sessions and workshops. These opportunities are designed to enhance teachers’ knowledge of sustainable development practices and provide them with the necessary skills to deliver these topics effectively.

4. Benefits of using GREENT

There are several benefits to using GREENT in the classroom, including:

– Enhances student learning

GREENT provides teachers with the necessary resources to deliver engaging and interactive lessons on green entrepreneurship and solar energy. This, in turn, enhances student learning and improves their understanding of sustainable development practices.

– Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving

GREENT’s interactive simulations and games encourage students to think critically and creatively. By applying their knowledge of green entrepreneurship and solar energy in real-world scenarios, students develop problem-solving skills that are essential in today’s world.

Education plays a crucial role in fostering the eco-entrepreneurial consciousness of future green innovators, entrepreneurs, and employees in the circular economy. The need for new green skills and attitudes is growing with a growing consumer interest in clean, ethically-sourced products, while at the same time appropriate educational content for the development of such skills in secondary schools is lacking.


GREENT was created to fill that gap.


GREENT is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

GREENT is an innovative, collaboratively created set of tools that inspire and support teachers who are willing to deliver the topic of green entrepreneurship to their students in an interactive and practical way. The GREENT toolkit contains an innovative training course for teachers with 36 lesson plans for teachers, a green entrepreneurship syllabus, and a blended learning methodology.

If you are interested in the defining environmental issues of our time and would like to transmit the principles of nature as a source of life, inspiration and entrepreneurial ideas to your students in order to develop their green mindset as future entrepreneurs, the GREENT course is just for you!


Top 6 strengths and benefits of the GREENT course

  • Fosters the environmental consciousness and eco-entrepreneurial mindset of your students in a highly practical and fun way.
  • Develops new skills and competencies required for green jobs and green entrepreneurship.
  • Provides an easy-to-follow structure which combines the acquisition of crucial knowledge on entrepreneurship and environmental stewardship with practical skills on how to develop one’s own sustainable business idea through learning-by-doing approaches that are part of JA’s core educational paradigm.
  • Flexible and adaptable to various educational contexts. Can be delivered in full, or only some lessons can be delivered; lessons have core and optional sections teachers can choose from; lessons contain hi-tech and low-tech options in order to be flexible enough for teachers in schools with varying access to technologies.
  • Created by teachers for teachers through a collaborative process.
  • First of its kind educational content on green entrepreneurship for two target groups – high school teachers and high school students. This is innovation on global scale.




6 reasons to start using the GREENT content today

  • Offer your students an entry point to an exciting cross-cutting topic with vital significance for human societies today.
  • GREENT allows you to flip the classroom and use a range of innovative teaching techniques that improve the motivation of your students to use Solar Energy.
  • Inspire your students to take personal action and solve some of the world’s most pressing solar energy challenges by developing their own sustainable business idea.
  • Increase your own knowledge on issues such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, pollution, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, circular economy, sustainable business modeling, sustainable solutions, green entrepreneurship, etc.
  • Improve your teaching skills by using new solar energy ´ technologies.
  • Does not require you to be an expert in ecology, biology or entrepreneurship and economics in order to be able to teach the content.


6 easy steps to start teaching green entrepreneurship

  • Take a look at the introduction to our teacher’s manual (link).
  • Preview the complete content (link).
  • Start experimenting in the classroom (link)!
  • Measure your students’ progress and congratulate them about their success.
  • Find new ideas and inspiration for your classes from our Facebook page.
  • Share your experience with us and help us improve the GREENT content.

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